Press Release: 2020-10-16

DMH Celebrates Global Peer Support Celebration Day 2020

DMH Celebrates Global Peer Support Celebration Day 2020

DMH is joining Global Peer Support Celebration Day (GPSCD) with a video campaign and virtual conversation. Global Peer Support Celebration Day is an annual celebration of peer supporters, peer support, and recognition of their work in helping individuals and families with mental health concerns, substance use addictions, and or trauma-related challenges. At DMH, peers utilize their own experiences with the recovery journey to assist others along the continuum of recovery and inclusion into their communities. This annual, worldwide event takes place on the third Thursday in October.

The purpose of Global Peer Support Celebration Day is twofold: 

  • For peers to recognize and reflect on their contributions and celebrate successes
  • For the public, healthcare providers, officials, and others to celebrate and recognize peer supporters and peer work at national, state and local levels.

DMH joined the global celebration by publishing a series of video testimonials from peers employed by DMH, the people who are served by DMH, and DMH staff who work alongside peers. DMH also hosted a virtual discussion with Acting Commissioner Brooke Doyle and DMH staff in the peer workforce from across the state.

Today, DMH celebrates the peer supporters who have changed the conversation about mental health and reshaped the way services are delivered.

In the coming days, DMH will be sharing individual videos from peers and the people they work with on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also watch all of the videos at any time on YouTube.  Follow DMH: